AUGUST 13, 2020 12:00 PM
(GMT +3:00) Moscow
Digital Clients Onboarding: pitfalls and challenges of e-KYC policy implementation
With global population becoming increasingly digital and corresponding to global pandemic with the rise of remote client communication industry regulators looking forward to push the idea of electronic Know-Your-Customer (e-KYC) frameworks. Depending on the region/country current e-KYC guidelines mostly aimed to accelerate and streamline customer digital communication and services availability in online and mobile channels. Specific documents (such regulation materials in Q3 published for example in Malaysia, Vietnam and South Korea) sets the minimum requirements and standards that a financial institution must observe in implementing e-KYC for the identification and verification of individuals based on digital identity.

Following recent e-KYC updates and implementation news globally Speech Technology Center – a leading international provider on multimodal biometrics for financial and government sectors prepared a detailed overview of the implementation technical aspects for cost-effective digital onboarding and communication solution. Company experts will share recommendations and comments following more than 30 years of R&D in the field of biometrics and unique scope of projects for finance industry in a way of voice/facial client identification.
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This webinar will be useful for:
The bank employees responsible for customer experience
IT Department responsible for implementation of innovation and digital transformation
Contact center management
Oleg Glebov,
International Business Development Executive
13+ years of experience in Enterprise IT and security. International business development professional with strong technical background in cryptography and IT management. Master of Science (Cyber Security).
Speech Technology Center solution where chosen as a core technology framework for the national biometric and digital identity platform in Russia – UBS. The Unified Biometric System (UBS) is a national digital platform that allows a remote identification of a person by his/her biometric parameters. The biometric system will be used in the entire territory of the Russian Federation and will enable citizens living in hard-to-reach areas, as well as people with disabilities to use digital services. A remote biometric identification with the aid of the Unified Biometric System will provide a safe chance to all citizens of the country to gain secure access to any digital services that require legally binding actions.
During the webinar key topics of
e-KYC framework implementation
Implementation of fraud detection mechanisms to ensure that the government issued ID used to support e-KYC customer verification is authentic
Decreasing the face-to-face interactions and physical visits to open an account and other risky operations
Establishing flexible digital on-boarding of clients «anytime» and «anywhere»
Liveness detection technologies to ensure that the customer is a live subject and not an impersonator during the verification process
Verification process for the customer
against a government issued ID by utilizing biometric technology
Implementation of Digital Identities for the bank clients based on biometric technologies for fast, precise and effective remote verification process