AUGUST 27, 2020 12:00 PM
(GMT +3:00) Moscow
Digitalisation of modern railways passengers experience and safety management with face biometrics
Speaking about the main transport hubs, especially in the context of the spread of diseases, airports are mentioned as the main port for visitors of the country. Meanwhile, the massive use of land transport, especially as an alternative today, puts the railroad in the first place in the development of safe environment. First of all, this concerns technologies and approaches for contactless and remote checking of passengers in a large flow of people. In addition it follows requirements for self-check-in options with the ability to authenticate the identity of the passenger against their document and letting people take the train just by showing their face. Facial biometrics opens up new opportunities for developing passenger service approaches, from creating a completely contactless environment and boarding a train to finding known criminals and individuals associated with illegal actions.

Speech Technology Center has prepared a dedicated webinar for railway networks including Subways safety with the implementation of advanced face recognition solutions.
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The webinar will be useful
for departments responsible for:
Video analytics and video control
Oleg Glebov,
International Business Development Executive
13+ years of experience in Enterprise IT and security. International business development professional with strong technical background in cryptography and IT management. Master of Science (Cyber Security).
During the webinar Oleg Glebov, a global business development expert, will share unique experience based on the ongoing safe city and safe transport projects in Russia. Some of the largest projects are supported on local government level.
During the webinar Speech Technology Center speaker will provide:
Key objectives of smart video surveillance project on transport
Use cases and scenarios of face recognition implementation on railroads
Q&A session
Architecture and implementation scenarios
Guidelines for building centralized situational centers for railway transportation
Challenges of CCTV and video analytics for railways
Passengers services and quality of service
Transport security
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