28th of APRIL, 9:00 AM (GMT)
Smart Tracker: facial recognition solution for subway. How to improved safety and efficiency
In the current global situation more clients prefer to stay at home and receive services remotely in the fullest extent possible. Unfortunately, the sharp increase in demand for such services leads to, among other things, an increase in fraud and a lack of resources for seemingly established IT elements such as the Call Center.

This especially affected the banking sector what now leads to the urgent need for implementation of easy remote customer enrollment, pre-answer caller authentication and risk-based multi factor authentication.
Oleg Glebov,
International Business Development Executive
13+ years of experience in Enterprise IT and security. International business development professional with strong technical background in cryptography and IT management.Master of Science (Cyber Security).
Oleg will present an overview of voice biometric technology for:
Effective remote customer on-boarding

Successful clients interaction

Overall experience improvement while decreasing fraud
and operational expenses
This webinar will be extremely useful for
The bank employees responsible for customer experience
IT-services, responsible for implementation of innovation, digital transformation
and quality control
Contact center
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